Quality Assurance
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Quality Assurance

Alim Knit BD Limited puts a lot of emphasis on quality product and quality management. Therefore, the planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for the garments are fulfilled. Our Quality Assurance also includes management of the quality of raw materials, fabric and color composition, products and components, services related to production, and management, production and inspection processes. This is how we make sure that Quality Assurance and our commitment towards aesthetic standards go hand in hand.

Quality Assurance Process

Quality Control Mechanisms

Through a strict regimen of quality checks & controls, we maintain a consistency in the quality of raw materials procured, in the quality of our manufacturing work, in packaging, in Shipment & Service etc.

Lab Testing

Laboratories are an extremely valuable component of our services and also facilitate the manufacturers – exporters & importers to conduct their business with least quality risk. Our laboratory service includes.

Pre Production check

Risk are reduced by inspecting accessories , performing Color Matching checks, Fabric Inspection, Lab dip testing, Daily Cutting checking, Wash testing, Knitting & Flannel Inspection, Measurement Spec

Initial Production check

First finished products are checked against buyer’s specifications and a prototype sample. Deviations areidentified and corrected.

During production check

Inspection during production is carried out to check and verify that the initial discrepancies have been rectified and to ensure the best quality standard.

Final Inspection

Final Inspection is based on specification of the buyers and it cover criteria such as design/ style, shrinkage, accessories, marking, colors, labeling, material, etc.